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Dear friends,

I have a 1996 Johnson 130Hp Looper - It was in storage for 3 years - I will not start w/o starting fluid ( ether ) & will only continue running by pulsing the electric primer.

I have checked the float bowls - they are full of "green" gas - IE looks like VRO is working.

Ive checked the fuel pump - it pulses out of the VRO pump during crank - I havent checked the pressure though - but it does pulse gas.

Its got a healthy cranks speed & spark - Ive checked these & it will start on starting fluid OR using the electric primer.

Seems obvious its the carbs - but, how could all four be bad ?

Anything special about doing a Johnson looper carb rebiuild ? - I done many rebuilds in my life .

Couple questions:
1) OMC says not to use chlorinated carb cleaners ?
2) Any tips appreciate - any reason to buy the OMC jet removal tool ?
3) How are Sierra carb kits compared to OEM - any reason to use OEM over after market ?

Thanks !

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Hello carbs and throttle bodys will need to be cleaned. I recommend soaking in engine tuner and spraying all passages with carb cleaner to verify all passages are clear.

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If the electric primer is the same as the smaller hp Johnsons it uses a solenoid to  bleed gas into the carb.  My 20 Johnson sometimes will not run unless I manually turn the red button on the solenoid.  It appears the float needle is stuck likely because of the oil mix.  If you rev it up while trying to keep it running the vibration 
will shake it loose.  Or tap the carb with a brass hammer.  Although this is not likely the problem since there are two double carbs as on my 87 140. 
If you check out the parts schematic on Marine you can see how many floats and needle & seats there are.
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Another idea;  I was just on looking at the intake manifold parts for 1986 (Same?) The solenoid shows a valve inside.  Try forcing seafoam or carb cleaner 
through the line to clean up the sticky valves (they usually are rubber coated seats)
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nice car
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