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My 1995 20 hp is throwin me fits. It will run for 2 mins and die, and wont re-start .but if you let it sit for 30 mins, it'll run for 2-3 mins then die. I've been parts chasin, with no luck. I've been runnin the hot champion plugs for last 3-4 yrs , they were gas and oil soaked so i changed them out, gapped at .035. I also found a small crack in line from tank to motor, so i changed that out. It's getting fuel into carb, but fuel does smell old, but this tank of fuel is only a month old and i've been runnin the boat prior to this,and i still have half a tank of fuel .   

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did you ever get to the bottom of your problem?


my 96 9.9 is starting easily then stalling after 3-5 seconds.  changed plugs and checked fuel filter.  fuel seems ok.  tried to pump the bulb while running but it did not help to keep it running. 


just curious...seems like a lot of posts have gone un-replied..every try

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Hello I would try activating choke primer while running to see if engine picks up speed or use squirt can of fuel and squirt into carb while running to see if engine picks up speed. todays fuel leaves a residue or corrosion that will restrick fuel and soaking carb in engine tuner will clean jets and passages.

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