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This year during my Canada trip I started getting an alarm on my boat. The first time I heard it was on about day 4 of the trip. It started about 4 miles down the lake. It was an intermittent beep so I thought it was possibly low oil. I checked my reservoir and it was half full so I filled it up. The alarm continued, but now it was more of 2 sec beep followed by a 2 sec pause and then eventually a steady beep. I then checked the engine for overheating but I do not think it is that because I have a good water stream. I found out that when I would squeeze the fuel bulb the alarm would stop. I also noticed a couple of times before I pressed the bulb that the engine would slow a bit and then back up to full speed like the engine was not getting enough fuel. I then checked the fuel filter and indeed it was clogged with junk. I cleaned that out and thought I had solved the problem. Now every so often the alarm will beep after 4 or 5 miles down the lake but it does not do it every time. Also now when I idle for 15-20 minutes a 2 sec alarm followed by a 2 sec pause will go off. I can turn the engine off and then get another 15-20 minutes of idling time until the next alarm. I do not think it is anything serious because the engine appears to run great, but I would like to make sure. Does anyone know what the problem might be or what I can do to check it? It seems like a unique series of events that may or may not be linked. I am just wondering if it is a fuel flow problem, bad alarm, or even an overheating problem (but like I said I have a pretty good water flow through the motor). Please let me know if you need anymore details.



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Hello I would try different tank and hose to eliminate any fuel restriction.the tan wire that goes to vacuum switch next to fuel pump can be disconnected to see if it is setting off alarm.

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