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Hi guys


I am having trouble with my 93 40hp jono. whether idling with muffs on in the back yard, or cruising on the ocean my engine starts to cut in and out and eventually stall if you don't race down the back and pump the fuel line primer bulb. It actually happens a lot sooner than just idling than when cruising.


When i first got my boat, i had similar trouble and upon further investigation found a cracked fuel line under the motor cover. With the problem this time i naturally re-checked all lines and even bought a new fuel line (tank to engine). Still trouble. At this stage should i look at pulling the fuel pump apart to check diaphragms?? Or other things first? If so does anyone have a pic or link that could be sent to me to outline how i should go about this job, and traps to look out for??


Thanks, help is appreciated.


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