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OK..My husband has a 1992 Johnson 150 v6 on a Nitro190DC...a couple of months ago it started acting up...stalling at full throttle, etc......He noticed that the priming ball was beign sucked both full throttle, and at an idle..He has replaced a diaphram in the air valve thinking that might be the wasn't...He has replaced the whole fuel pump....and it is still doing it.......He is sooo baffled, if anyone could please help it would be great!

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Sounds like a fuel delivery or contaminant issue to me. Two things I would check:



Check your engines internal water fuel separator. If your boat has an external one as well check this to. When water mixes with gas it requires a heavy throttle to evacuate the existing water while still trying to keep the motor running. When left to idle it typically will die.



 Make sure your gas vents are clear. If you have an internal gas tank you will have an external fuel vent. These are typically located towards the rear of the boat around the transom area. If these become clogged or even partially clogged your fuel pump will suck every bit of air out of the gas tank and this suction will collapse your primer bulb. This could also be caused by your boats gas lines. Before waterproof fuel vents people would put a loop in there fuel line to prevent water from coming in. Problem was as fuel lines aged they would become quite brittle and could become kinked or even clogged. Now if for some reason if you have no fuel water separator pull the fuel line from the engine and let the engine run out of gas. Get fresh gas and a water fuel separator. Check Wall-Mart $30.00 to $40.00.


FYI: I would also recommend running an external fuel filter as well. Even though you should have one within the motor itself a second one is a cheap investment and could save you money in the long run. Now if your motor is fuel injected in my opinion an absolute must.  


Good luck, Ed

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racing93c can prime the ball, start the engine, run throttle to full speed to plain the boat out, and the engine will cut out 2 to 3 cylinders and want to die....then prime the ball again, and it will do it an idle, he can watch the fuel in the fuel filter run empty.....He has replaced the diaphragm in the Vapor pump which did nothing.....then he checked all gas lines, and vent lines, every thing was fine, he even went to the extreme of getting an external tank and new lines with primer blockage, or cracks..he then replaced the VRO pump..being told that it was the problem...and it is still doing it.....he is wondering if it could be the Vac switch located near the BRO pump is there anyway that it can be tested to see if that is the problem? He is very mechanically inclined and is very baffled.....Any help would be greatly appreciated...HE NEEDS TO GO FISHING & GET OUT OF MY HAIR...LOL!!!

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