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I have a 1991 6hp Evinrude, model # E6REIA that seems to be getting too much fuel. It has no power and billows smoke when you hit the gas. I had the airfilter off and restricted the flow of gas that was coming out of the valve inside the carburator and the engine seemed to run like a champ. I can't seem to figure out what componite is causing the problem or how to fix it, any suggestions?

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First of all make sure you have a good clean spark plug.  To much fuel is likely a problem with the carb's float valve.  In case you don't know it is in the bottom of the carb and allows fuel to enter the carb as required.

If there is dirt or old gas varnish stopping the valve from keeping the proper level of fuel in the base of the carb the mixture can be too rich.

Remove the carb, turn it over and remove the 4 screws securing the float bowl.  Now you can see the float which should be level and parrallel with the base of the carb when held upside down.

Remove the pin securing the float and the float needle will come with it.  Closely inspect the float needle for a grove worn into it's contact point or much better still just replace it for $ 15.

Clean everything including the brass jets ( don't use anything metal that will enlarge their holes ) and reassemble making sure the float is level and parrallel with the carb body when held upside down.  Adjusted by gently bending tab on float that cantacts the needle with a small screwdriver.
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