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1. Engine wont turnover, click from solenoid sound is heard, I hooked up a meter to the solenoid which showed 12 V (12.60 reading), then turned the key and my reading stayed near 12.48. I was told if the voltage does not drop to zero, then the solenoid is bad.  Can anyone verify this for me.

2. My dash panel instruments do not work. They all run off the same hot wire, when key is switched on.  I disconnected the harness under dash to find if i was getting juice as I turned on the key. I could not get any, however I did check the juice to the ignition switch which is getting juice.  My question is, if all the connections are good at the switch, can the switch have the ability to start the engine, but still have a malfunction in it which will not send juice to the instrument panel?  Before the solenoid went bad, I could start the engine but none of my instrument lights or needles would work? 

3.  Before the solenoid went bad, I was running the engine an took it out for spin. It ran smooth until I got to the speed lane and gave it the throttle, the engine lost power and eventually died.  That is when the solenoid went bad.  However, I think the stalling part is the carburetor. I rebuilt the carburetor last year and had a professional shop adjust it.  This year I noticed that when I prime the bulb, gasoline runs out of the carburetor into the engine compartment and down the shaft.  I was told this is a needle valve problem and that all I should do is to clean the carburetor to make sure there is no varnish or dirt in it that is causing the float needle to get stuck.  Also to make sure the float is adjusted properly.  Any thoughts on this are welcomed.

Thank you

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