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I have replaced water pump Thermostats and senors on the engine.  Below 2000 rpm the water stream seems good and temp is about 160 on the gauge when I accelerate to 4000 rpm the temperature rises to 180+ and stays there.  Water stream seems week.  Inspection of the the thermostat housing shows little salt build up.  Any help would be appreciated

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If you have replaced the impeller, I would check the water pump housing.

Any cracks or disfiguring of the house may lead to malfunction. Just a thought...

Good luck !

See you on the flipside
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Hello you will need to run a water pressure test should be around 15 psi over 4000 rpm . I would also check water tube for corrosion on bottom of tube which will cause low pressure any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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