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 the motor will start but will not idle ( dies right away) unless i have the cover off and keep rpms up manually but still runs rough.  when run in a barell comes out with oil all over the motor and a mixture of gas and oil running out of the lower unit. Is this a fuel pump issue or carb or other? this motor hasn't been run for approx. 2 years.         thanks chris

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    I had the carbs cleaned and set and the motor runs like new . I guess it was a carb problem.
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Sorry Ralph didn't post a reply to you last week.
This is written by Gail (Webmaster).

I'm guessing you figured out that "bad gas" (probably an E10, ethanol-blend fuel), is what caused all your problems.

To avoid clogging carbs (and injectors) again and symptoms resulting from "lean fuel",
I just want to remind others reading this, that E10 gas is only good for 90 days.

Problems will also be caused by new fuel that contains more than 10% alcohol/ethanol.

I recently received calls from people in the "corn belt' who accidentally filled-up with E85! -
E85 (85% alcohol) can never be used in a marine engine. It's sold for use in FFV's (flex fuel vehicles) only.

To avoid clogging carbs again, I suggest you re-fuel every 2-3 weeks (you never know how long gas was already sitting in tank at station);
Change filters often, and use a water separator filter (10 micron or higher).
Add extra fuel conditioner/stabilizer such as Evinrude 2+4 to prolong/preserve fuel.

If gas appears bad, separated in layers, discolored or symptoms of smoke coming from engine or signs of fuel starvation- DUMP IT and start with clean good gas.

I'm amazed by how many people are wasting time and money on unnecessary (avoidable) repairs, solely because of gas-related issues.

Cleaning carbs helps symptoms/immediate problem, but using "bad gas" again will just cause the same problem again over and over.

While E10 has advantages (runs cleaner, environmentally friendly, etc.), the problems and damage it can cause marine engines is huge...if you don't follow a few simple precautions.

Long term effects of repeatedly running on bad fuel are even greater, since high levels of alcohol over time will disintegrate/dissolve many engine parts, especially rubber and plastic parts - and acts as a solvent, releasing old accumulated deposits/rust/gunk.
Since E10 absorbs water very easily, (unlike conventional gas), premature rusting of engine parts has also become a big issue now.

So not only will water-contaminated gas (which has a lower unsafe octane) show performance and starting/acceleration problems - it will also rust and wear down your engine much sooner.

Stick with good new gas and you should have no further problems with fuel system/carbs.

You reported,
"Engine Model Number or Year/HP: j 40elccs

Question and Details of Engine Problem:  the motor will start but acts like starving
for fuel. wont idle. also when I shut the motor off a mixture of gas and oil leaks out of
the prop area. Where do I start? fuel pump/carb/other?

Additional Comments:  When I run the motor in a barell it comes out with oil all over
the lower unit. Seems like the gas is running straight through and out the lower unit.
This motor has been sitting out of use approx. 2 years."

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