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I have a 1988 150 I bought last year. Ran okay for a while and then overheated. Had both thermostats replaced ran it once and it overheated again, alarms and all. Mechanic replaced one of the thermostaats as he found it was froze up again and had a white powder on it like it had been in saltwater, which is has not, as far as I know. Took it out yesterday first time since thermostat was replaced for second time and it overheated and set off the alarm again.
Took the cover off let it cool and ran it back to the dock. Did okay until I idled into the dock and the alarm went off again, temp over 175.
Note the temp gauge does read about 25 degrees high.
The impeller was changed last August just after A I bought the boat/motor.
Any ideals of what could be the problem?
Stay safe on the water
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Hi. My brother-in-law had a problem with his 175 evinrude that was similar to this. He didn't have the alarms going off, but found that at around 2800 rpm the motor would cut out and not accelerate. It turned out to be a temp sensor on the head that was out of calibration, and it would limit rpm. If you have the same problem, disconnect them one at a time and see if the motor operates okay.If you find one creating a problem, replace it with a new one.
Hope this helps.
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