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I have a the motor mentioned above. I messed up the timming adjustment. my question is about the timming mark. I know it should be 28 btdc but all I see is an x on the flywheel. Is that 20 dbtdc? if not then where is the mark? Thank you for the help. Also where do I hook up the tach? I have a dash tach on the boat I just put this motor in. I need to know where to connect it on the motor. Thanks , Bill

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Helllo the tack is hooked up to wires in engine harness by key switch or 3 wire harness in control under key. purple to I   black to g   grey to s .

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thanks for the help
I got the motor running and on the boat. I had to take the carbs apart and clean them. One was pouring gas out of the opening. I guess the float was stuck. I did not regascket the carbs. I took the boat out this weekend and it ran like a champ. Here are a couple problems I have.
It is a biatch to start when the motor is cold. I use either spray and it will fire up. Once it starts it will start all day no problem. I have a 22 gallon gas tank. I ran the boat about 50 miles up and down the lake. That was all I could run it because I used all the gas. 22 gallons for 50 miles is really bad. I do not see any oil or gas in the water. What could this be? Is this engine that bad on gas? Also at the end of the day as I was getting low on gas the engine idle was really high when I put it in neutral. It still ran great but when I put in neutral it idled so high I had to shut it down. Thanks again for all your help, Bill
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