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lost all power on lake only way to limp in was to pump primer bulb to get fuel to motor.
things done:
1. compression check 90 on three cylinders, 88,89,89 on other three. This was done on only slightly warm engine
as I was using primer bulb in external tank (pre-mixed fuel) to by pass fuel pump.
2. replaced vro pump
3. new plugs and fuel hoses
4. cleaned carbs
checked all electrical connection to pump, seems fine
With new pump in and all above completed, still have same issues.
Please help with any advice/repair options.
Thanks Mike
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Vro pump is activated by crankcase pressure pulse and pump can be tested with gearcase pressure and vacuum tester to hold 15 pounds in each direction the pump will make clicking sound when full travel reached any air leaks will cause loss of fuel delivery 
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