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I have a 70hp Johnson. The motor has been sitting for a year with gas in it. The motor will start but it will not idle unless I push in on the key choke. Last season i had the carbs cleaned and rebuilt and had the oil tank removed so that now I mix the gas and oil manually. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Good morning brother,

I am no marine mechanic, but I had a very similar problem with my Johnson 90. My motor would not idle. It would start but I had to keep some throttle on it using the throttle lever. I pulled down the lever and had to slip it into gear almost simultaneously, kind of a two handed action. What a pain especially trying to dock. .....Took it to have my low idle jets cleaned in the carb. That is what some friends said is probably wrong. The mechanic tried to start it said it was sounding funny when cranking. Did a compression check and two of the cylinders were fried.... BAD.... One had none and the other had like 2 pounds. He said that is my idle problem. Then I bought a rebuilt power head. Just trying to help. I would do a compression check. 

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