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(1985 Johnson 15hp) I'm pretty new to the world of outboard motors and I'm looking for suggestions on (1)why the throttle seems to "jump" from mid-range speed to full throttle.  I can operate it smoothly from idle to mid., but as I twist the throttle to full speed it feels harder to turn or something's binding and then becomes free for some reason and "jumps".  It really lunges my small boat forward and to others it appears that I'm out of control....which I somewhat am.  (2) How can I prevent the gears in the tilting section of the handle from skipping teeth and slipping over as I twist the throttle?  Am I missing a piece in rod/handle?
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Hello most outboards run rough in mid range and liniage is desighned to increase speed when running between 2500 to 3500. the mag plate should advace timing first and then open carb throttle plate. If mag plate sticks then engine might accellerate all at once with no mid range.

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