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 Hi all and thank you for reading. This motor E90tlcos was new to me last year. On our first trip out it was idling rough  but ran nicely and medium to high throttle. Ran it many times since many checks along with strong seafoam treatment after carbs cleaned. Always starts, idles rough but nice top end. I verified that the lower left cylinder is barely working at idle by pulling plug wire in the driveway with muffs on.  I truly have done every possible check I could ever think of with the help of an Evinrude gentleman in Rhode Island over the phone. Here is a list. 
-compression 110-115 all around weak cylinder was 115
-choked while idling It died
-pulled off fuel line ran dry to see if it speeds up when starved. very little rev up if any before it died
-swapped coils,power packs,and carbs no change.
-cleaned carbs (they were pretty spotless)I did not take out silver plugs. 
-cleaned and greased all coil grounds
-spark tester showed good
-tried new plug of course
-when I had the carbs off the leaf valves looked good
-watched for carb spit back while running, nothing at all.
-put clear temporary tubing in place of pulse line to check for leak back from vro, none.
-I check the plugs after every run on muffs and on water all 4 plugs look identical no sign of water whatsoever on any. 
I think that's it. I'm willing to retest anything anyone may want done again. 
Thank you all I'm ready for any advice. Dave
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