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Looking for suggestions on things to check - motor will run great after squeezing primer bulb in fuel line, then eventually seems to run out of gas.  The bulb is able to be primed again - so it seems as if the engine isn't sucking fuel, or there is an air leak.

The fuel line fitting seems pretty tight @ the engine.  I don't see a fuel filter, should there be one?  I have another fuel line I can try, but this one is only a few years old. 

Any suggestions, or things to check? 


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Thanks for advice - finally got a chance to get to it.

Update - O-rings are good on both ends of fuel line, used 2 different tanks / vent is open.  Squeezed bulb, and a little drip seemed to come from the fuel pump for a while.  Filter / screen is ok.

Interesting thing I found when running is it will idle or run slow all day long.  When throttle is 1/2 way of more, it eventually runs out of gas, but if I bring back to idle / slow, it catches back up.  Or, just as it is dying in gear, I can put in neutral and immediately use the hand throttle (not in gear) and it will tach to high rpms without problem - this is the part I don't understand. 

I've added carb cleaner to the fuel.  Is the high speed needle possible gunked up? 

I'll add I have very little carb experience - or ourboard for that matter - but am mech inclined.  Next step will be to rip apart fuel pump I guess.
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I just worked on muy friends 9.9 outboard. it was doing the same thing. Ended up that he over tightened the fuel pump cover when checking the screen and put a slight crack in the pump cover. You could barely notice it but it caused the same problem by sucking air through the crack.

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I am new here, and not a mechanic... but I have same thing going on with a '96 25hp. I rebuilt carb due to needing it cleaned, and that is when the problem started. It now starts and idles perfect. Will troll all day long. But give it gas and it just runs out of fuel, just like you describe.

I then tried new fuel line, same thing. Then I rebuilt fuel pump, same thing. Then I tried new tank, same thing.

So I have come to conclusion that the float is not adjusted properly, and is shutting off fuel too soon to let enough fuel into the bowl. I am going to take carb off and adjust it, but I am now trying to find the correct "drop" that will allow it properly. Mine just has an arm that you bend to adjust it, I believe.

Any advice you guys have would be appreciated, if you know the measurement for a 25hp. But maybe this will help you out since it seems to be the same thing.

-Box  (in MN)
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