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My dad has had this boat since around 1990 I'd guess.  It's only been used a couple of times a year, and this year I've acquired it.  I took it to the lake today, and the boat started up.  It took a while, but it did start.  There hasn't been much maintenance performed over the last several years due to health problems, and just general non-use.  I'm replacing the lower unit oil, but other than that what should I do?  I've heard some different things about de-carbing the engine, but don't really know where to turn.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, does anyone know the gasil mixture I should be using?

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  1. Hello mixture is 50 to 1 and if engine runs good it should be fine . If running poor I would soak carbs with engine tuner which will also decarbonize if sprayed in cylinders or fogged in engine.
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