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I just recently bought a 84 johnson 40 hp motor as just rebuilt ran perfect but when i got home i turned the key on and got a load buzzing noise from the starter/throttle box and it even stayed on after it was running i have no lights or gauges to go off of so any help would be appreitated thanks joe

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Joe, It's the over heat warning horn you are hearing. You either have a bad sensor or a short in the ground. The wire that grounds out the horn and makes it sound is the brown wire. Try this. Take the cowl off and look at the head. You will see the brown wire I am talking about. There is a rubber sleeve over the plug for it . Peel the sleeve back and unplug it and then turn the key on. If the horn does not sound then your sensor is bad. If it still sounds then you have a short somewhere. Most likely in the control box. Please don't cut the wire to shut the horn up because it is important to know if your motor is over heating.  Mike

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