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Don't have serial or model # handy. Hope someone can help anyway.

Two-cylinder, single carb. I have owned this engine for 5 years, and, up 'til now, it has given me no trouble. Now all I got is trouble. Two tow-ins from the middle of the lake this season.

Idles rough.
Dies on throttle up.

What I could see as of last night:
Fuel line pump bulb won't stay hard. (Is is supposed to?)
Fuel residue in carb throat.
Fuel flows freely from bowl when screw is removed from bottom-front of carb.
Fuel pumps from line when disconnected from fuel filter.

What I've done:
Professional mechanic carb rebuild.
New gas tank and tank line.
New fuel, Marine Stabile and Evinrude oil.
New fuel filter.
Removed deteriorating foam from inside of cowling when mechanic found a what may have been a piece in the carb. Thoroughly cleaned cowling.

There is no *&%#* air filter on the carb (What idiot engineer thought this was a good idea?) Seems it's just sucking up garbage and I'm paying the price for bad design.

Many thanks for your help, PW
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Screw the low speed jet adjustment out.   I had a 1982 25 hp that when I ran it WOT had a habit of the low speed adjustment screwing itself in.   Also may want to check the compression.

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