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hello all

My first post on this site hoping i can get alittle help with this outboard.

ok here goes....the engine was last started and ran in 2002, i purchased the boat and engine as is. The engine has good compression and cranks well, but wont start.
i then checked for spark which is fine..then for fuel also fine...i removed the spark plugs
they seemed wet..cleaned them off reinstalled them, crank again ....still no start.
i decided to ck the float bowels.. I removed the screws and emptied both bowels..
pumped it up again still no start....i decided to try some starting fluid thru the top carb,
the engine started and ran I let it warm up a bit approx 10 minutes.... water pump doing ok feeling around engine to see if its hot all seemed ok. I then turned engine off and did restart fine. I should mention it seems to had good power and very very good throttle up response.

If I let it sit for a few days it wont start same as before.
This is my first 2 stroke outboard, I learn thing as i go along my knowledge of automotive is extensive tools are no problem.
thanks for reading

peter kay
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It sounds like either the choke or carb primer (depending on the model) is not working.  Mike

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Take your carbs of and clean them.  It's not hard - but if you have a plugged jet it can burn up your motor.  Sitting that long the carbs should be dissambled and cleaned.

New fuel filter, gas and plugs.  Good luck.
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Hello check choke primer system. when key is held in primer valve will open and allow fuel to flow through small hoses. Initial pressure is activated by primer bulb and then taken over by fuel pump.

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