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I have a 1983 200 looper that idles fine and ounce you try to spool it up it won`t get up to speed rebuilt carbs rebuilt fuel pmps replaced two coil(saw spark coming from one did various electrical checks(don`t know if I`m doing them right)and ITS DRIVING ME NUTS

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Hello you can test for spark with plugs removed grounded on block. and verify engine compression. if ok try choking engine holding in on key while running to see if engine reponds to extra fuel . 

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Check your fuel -Engine may be running lean - probably due to the new ethanol fuel blends now being sold at most gas pumps -


Have you tested the fuel for alcohol (ethanol)?

Is your fuel more than 90 days old (expired)?


Often the first symptoms of using higher than acceptable ethanol gas blends in your outboard engine is evidenced by engine stalling when you demand acceleration (WOT).

You'll also notice other performance issues such as increased stalling, misfire, hesitation and difficulty maintaining boat speed during trolling.


Several studies have documented that when using E20 fuel the engine will stall when WOT was demanded.




Vapor Lock: The increased volatility of ethanol blend gas fuels may result in vapor lock, resulting in stumbling during acceleration, difficulty restarting and hesitation - Very high levels (over 10%) of ethanol will shut off the engine completely, and eventually cause severe engine damage...



Test your fuel, never use gas with greater than 10% ethanol, use 2+4 fuel conditioner...more precautions.


More info.


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