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I have a 1980 Johnson 175 just changed both power packs do to the engine would only idle and not accelerate.


Now it seems that it has a misfire and is difficult to start. Checked all spark- OK changed all coils -when wet they were arcing out.  

Now all spark is OK


Still have misfire symptoms. But will idle when warm


Also when the key is turned off with the engine warm the engine continues to run.


I noticed that you get shocked when touching the back of the key switch is this normal?




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Hello getting shock not normal . will need to check black wire with yellow stripe coming out of pack going up to key switch . when grounded this wire will kill engine and remove voltage stored in pack. and will need to be checked from pack to key.

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I have replaced this wire and it does not shut the engine off. it reduces the rpm but the engine keeps running.


I have received some other advice suggesting that either the stator is bad or the new power packs are bad. my next attempt will be the stator.



I was also told that there can be up To 300 volts at the key switch when the engine is running on the black/ yellow wire



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