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Can any one help with an Evinrude 1980 150 Model TRLCSR. In the repair manual it has an area for the water passage deflectors. A side note says if you have the core with the letter e on the starboard side between piston 3 and 5 there is a modification. I do have that code. I spoke to my local evinrude dealer and showed him a picture of where my deflectors were. He said he didn't here of any modifications and suggested I put the lower deflectors in the normal area. When I took the heads off the deflectors were more in the middle on piston 5 and 6. I put the deflectors in there normal area and now my motor runs at 175degrees and never has done this. Does any one know about this modification. I believe that the deflectors should be put back in the middle since that was where they both were when I took the heads off. Please let me know or if you have a solution or pic. I replaced the thermostats also.

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