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i bought this boat and motor 2 years ago, motor was not running. changed plugs and wires, cleaned carbs and new gaskets. motor has 110 to 115 compression in all 4 cylinders. the thing starts rough and stalls when you put it in gear but after running for a few minutes it seams to run ok but feels like it lacks power. i have checked for spark in all cylinders and is working good,has bright purple to white spark. have replaced fuel line and fitting at tank, check ball not moving well. checket with timming light seems to be at 28. any ideas?

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Just a shot in the dark.  Sounds like it is lean because it runs better when warmed up.  Maybe it is sucking air in the fuel side or the crankcase.  

Would look closely for leaks and I heard that if you put and unlit propane torch to where an air leak is happening the rpm's will drop because the raw propane is richening the air mixture.  Obviously do in a well vented area.

Could just be a bad crank seal giving poor primary side compression.

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