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hello all.
just bought an old boat.
it has a 1978 Johnson that just wont start.
i have fuel i have fire and compression.
i know on a car thats all thats required.
now the history of the motor. it was rebuilt in 06.
carb rebuilt, fuel pump rebuilt. the primer bulb doesnt get hard when you pump it. motor turns over extremely hard with all 4 plugs in it. if you take them out the motor will spin all day long.
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If the primer bulb dosen't get hard my mean a fuel,are your spark plug wet? Is it flooded,If it turns over very hard is the starter bad? A bad starter will draw way to mush voltage and you will not have enough voltage left for spark,you need 12volts.
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Primer has to get hard when you pump it or it's not pumping fuel or fuel is leaking at carbs.

Has to spin good and fast - weak battery ?   weak starter ?  Crappy connections ?  Good luck.
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