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I have a 1977 Johnson on a 16" fiberglass deep v-hull boat. I have what is called a kickplate on the transom to raise and lower the engine.  Problem is that when the engine is lowered or level, I don't get power when I throttle the engine.  I don't get power in neutral or in gear.  When I put the engine in gear, raise the motor and slowly throttle the engine, the engine slowly incerased in power and the boat eventually planes out and runs.  If I throttle and don't raise the engine, it sounds as if it is running very rough.  I am not the original owner of the engine, purchased two years ago.  When I purchased the motor, the aluminum prop blades looked a bit damaged.  A mechanic grinded the blades smooth.  I have cleaned the carbs and changed the plugs.  Anybody have any idea what my problem could be?

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Hello engine height is critical for engine performance.If higher height helps performance lower pitch prop will also help plane boat with low height.
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