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i have a 1977 85 hp evinrude i just bought this thing i have trouble shot electrical current all the way to the power terminal getting power there then it goes up to the stator i am not getting any voltage to the power pack at all  just wondering if any one could tell me if my problem is in the stator or power pac is there a way to test the stator and power pack with a voltage or ohms meter . does the stator supply power to the power pac? , i took all spark plugs out to make sure it was spinning fast enough to get spark .i also disconnected main harness and jumped power from battery to starter to eliminate any problems ahead of harness so problem must be motor bound.can any one help your help is greatly appreciated!!!  

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i used to own a 1976 135 evinrude that would do the same thing when power pack went replaced it 3 times in 3 years look at back side and see if you can see a burnt or dark spot through case if they still make the same way

should be able to see it transistor or diode or something burns out inside

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Hello the stator and timer base can be checked with an ohm meter. if volage input is good then pack will need replacing .a weak stator can cause pack failure.  also try checking spark with plugs removed to see if cranking speed affects spark. any quesstions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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