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At high speed, about 33 MPH in 16 Ft. Runabout, the engine all of a sudden revs up with no increase in speed.  (I backed off accelerator immediately, so I really have no idea if the prop stopped turning.)  With the engine cover off, fuel line removed, and the prop in place, and the forward gear activated,  I stepped on the prop and using a strong arm and socket I turned the engine over and the motion of the prop was strong enough to lift my 200lbs.  The shifting mechanism appeared adequately tight an in place to my eyes and feel, although my eyes and feel are nowhere expert enough to make a sound judgment of the mechanism. The prop is a 14 19 with a few nicks in it.

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Hello the prop hub can be ckecked by marking inner spline and inner hub of prop to see if marks move after running on boat for test. The rear thrust washer  may also show signs of wear or movement

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