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I have a 1974 Evinrude 15hp that’s giving me a hard time. Something with the electrical system isn’t right.


Here’s the history…


Rebuilt carburetor and, added new ignition coils and plugs in a few months ago, and outboard was running great.


Last week, one cylinder cuts out.


Get it home and start playing around with the outboard.  Finally get it started.  Sometimes one cylinder is working, sometimes both, sometimes none.  When I pull the plugs out, they usually have spark, but not always.  Wiggling the plug wires seems to help.


I don’t think it’s the ignition coils because they’re new.  Maybe the points or magneto?  Fuel system/pump/carb are in good shape, so that’s not the cause.


Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?  What to check first?

Thanks, everyone.



Here’s more.  I knocked the flywheel off yesterday and found that all the electrical components look clean and in great shape.  The only thing that looked suspicious are the points. One point-head is resting against the shaft and one isn’t.


Is there supposed to be a gap between the shaft and the points?  Could this be the problem?  Here are some photos…





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The shaft is not round. It's oval shaped. When you rotate the crankshaft the points should open to the spec they should be. I'm not sure on this model what the spec is something like twenty or thirty thouands. Since you have it apart I would put new points and condensers in it.  Mike

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Hello when cam mark top contacts point shoud have .020 gap at contacts.

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Nice Pictures by the way. After I looked at them a little closer it's mark on the plate 20 thousands.

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