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i have a 74 model 115. it has the dual tilt\trim cylinders. they are busted.not repairable. i have looked at  the CMC units but, i am wondering what kind of interchangeability there is between 74 and up motors. can i put a single piston tilt\trim unit from a newer evinrude on this motor? id rather go with an OEM unit than go CMC. i see the OEM units on ebay for a couple of hundred dollars.

also, what year model range control boxes will work with this engine?

it is electric start, 20" shaft, electric tilt\trim engine.

thanks for the help

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Hi, Can't help you much on the tilt trim. What you see on ebay is about the best you can do if you want to stay with the original equipment. On the controls the years 1973 to 1978 will work without changing anything. You can go to the newer style control(1979/1995) but you will need to go to the new style cables(1979 through present) all the said controls have the red plug and should plug in and work fine.  Mike S

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