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Hello, I have a 1972 Johnson 65HP Model 65ES72S, recently aquired. The motor starts and runs well when cold with no loss of power, though after a few minutes of use after it warms and powering down to a lower rpm white smoke (steam) comes out of the exhaust reliefs. I know i have a leak on the exhaust side manifolds, water is leaking out the exhaust manifold bolts. So i am guessing it is leaking from the water jackets into the exhaust and that is where my steam is coming from.

My question is could there be anything else other than warped, worn, or damaged exhaust manifolds and gaskets causeing the problem of water entering the upper exahust? I am concerned after the exhaust manifold repair i may be missing something. Bad thermostat, clog in lower exhuast, bad seal some where? I guess what i am concerned with is back pressure not allowing the water to exit and force its way into the manifolds. Thanks in advance!!  

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I have the same problem with a 1989 60hp Johnson.  I want to check it out as well.  If anyone has any advise please post.

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jmahalko, give it up. scrap it. it's a piece of crap. besides, don't all you indians up there in the sticks just paddle canoes? stop wasting time and get your ass out to shovel snow!

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Hello I would verify if engine is overheating and if any water is getting on spark plugs. will show white foam on plugs. If overheating replace water pump. If bolts are leaking replace gaskets and check surfaces for warpage.

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