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I have a 1972 Merc 110, 9.8 HP that I bought new. It runs great except if you run it out of fuel, like I always do before I tilt it out of the water, when you go to fire it up it starts but keeps stalling and is running too lean as if I choke it it will run. Priming bulb is pumped up hard and fuel pump is pumping just fine. If you run it full throttle it will run fine and after several minutes it will run great at all speeds. It's not a cold or heat probelm because if you disconnect the fuel line and run it out of fuel it acts the same way. If the motor is not run out of fuel it will fire up cold and run fine. I tried adjusting the Low Speed Jet when it's running too lean but after it's running a while it begins running too rich. A very strange problem, this winter I plan on rebuilding the carb but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Carl Tagliabue
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