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over the years i ended up w several non running johnson/evinrudes  50 hps from the early seventies. I got happy or bored, broke them all down and cherry picked the best parts of three motors to make one running motor call it a 1971 Johnson 50 2 cyl with the packard electrical connectors on the shift wires.  Runs great in the barrel by the way. i put it together like johnny cash would have.

The Neutral  Safety/Shift Switch is fried.    so fried, i cant even read how it should work with an ohm meter.            So i'm gonna make  do w/ a toggle switch

My question is which wires are energized for which gears.

From having worked on OMC Electrashift Shift Sterndrives  I know that identical (looking)    shiftwires     are wired   Green (go)= Forward when  energized     Blue Reverse when energized,  No energy  on either shift wire == Neutral      So a blown fuse or wiring problem can mean no gears engaged. (this i know well)

this setup is a whole nuther deal.   on this out board  no energy = Forward    clutch dog engages foward gear normally this is a hydraulic piston deal that pushes the clutchdog  up the shaft from its normal forward engaged position to neutral to reverse engaged

Reverse seems to be when blue alone is energized    

is Neutral green energized ?or green and blue energized.  i havent seen neutral yet & have been afraid to energize both shift wire leads at the same time.   Not really a complicated question but I can't find the answer in three books i have.

 thanks Jimb0 in SC


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nether green nor blue hot = forward
Green hot = Neutral   upper solenoid w/ green wire
Both Green & blue = Reverse  both upper & lowr solenoid energized

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