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  I have a 60hp johnson motor of 1970 vintage that I have a lot of trouble starting.It seems that there is no spark when I am cranking however occasionally it will just fire up as if nothing is wrong with it. It will run perfectly for a time and then just die as if someone had turned the key off.Then it might start again after a lot of cranking.The points are good and i have replaced the plugs on there a way of testing the amplifier assembly to see if it is faulty and is there anything else I could be looking at.any help would be appreciated.thank you

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Hello I would check for 12 volts at purple wire whie cranking . If ok the voltage at the coil will need to be verifed but will need peak volt meter to read . most often pack and coil will need to be replaced. call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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