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I have an old 14' 1968 Larson All American I have totally restored.  Last week on a test run it ran great. This week it does not.  It will idle around the lake fine. But when I give it throtle it will miss, cough and sputter.  It has all new wireing, amp, coil,  rectifier, spark plugs.  Points have been set.  I cleaned the carb, distributer and rotar.

The outboard is a 1968 Johnson V4 65hp.  It has a Battery CD  ignition.  The carb linkage has a cam that advaces the timing.  I have a book on the engine but am having trouble understanding the exact proceedure for syncronizing the fuel and timing.  The book is somewhat vague and really does not seen to give complete instructions.  Where do I start? This is what I tried

1 - Idle speed?  There is a screw that seems to retard the timing so I can get a good idle speed.

2 - Then what?  Turn linkage adjustment untill center mark on cam to center of carb throtle arm roller?

Set max advance with timing gun to mark on flywheel? (I have not been able to get this far yet )

Any tips/ tricks or help is greatly appreciated.



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Hello sounds correct on 1 and 2 and full throttle timing should have marks on flywheel that line up with indicator on lift eye and will not need adjustment unless touched

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