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1997  150HP VRO  runs great except difficult to start.  Stalls frequent on start. Requires racing engine and playing with choke with plenty of smoke(probably oil burning off).  After first minute all is fine and it idles perfectly and  gets to 5000+RPM.


Problem with smoke and starting seems to be worse the longer the engine sits  unused.  Small problem after a day.  Big problem after a week.


Any ideas on whats the problem?



Bill Egert
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Hello sounds like leaky oring or diapharm inside vro pump or fuel restriction . When laying the oil is leaking into fuel side of pump.If pump is filled with fuel then no room for oil to leak in. once run thru the pump will work ok. due to some of todays fuels with high alcohol the plastic parts of pump or orings will distort and replacement of pump is needed. the newer pumps are constantly being modified to resist alcohol but nothing is alcohol proof. any queations call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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