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I have a 1999 130 HP Johnson (Model J130PLSSS) on a 17' Stratos bass boat.  I have taken it out 3 times this year and put about 7 hours running time on it, with no problems except for the fuel bulb, it will not stay full during no wake speed.  Last night took it out and same thing except the fuel bulb did not want to stay full long enough for me to get up on plane, had to rev throttle to get more fuel to motor.  Ran 15 min two different places with same results.  On the third move when I tried to get up on plane the No Oil light and alarm sounded, I shut it down and restarted and tried again, same thing.  I checked oil reservoir and it was over 3/4 full. I restarted and took off at a slow speed (about 8mph),  had to pump fuel bulb the entire time to keep primed' it ran this way for about 2 minutes and the No Oil alarm sounded again. I restarted and headed to the dock, had to continue this operation the entire time (approx 14 times).  I don't know if the two have anything to do with one another or not.  The fuel bulb issue has been a nuisance for 2 or 3 years.

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Take the line off while running and measure fuel flow in 15 sec x 4 gives you the
pints per minute. Not sure of specs, but a pint in 15 sec should be sufficient.
Also check for air leaking into the line causing low vacuum.
Also use a vacuum gage if you have it.
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I would use a test fuel tank and hose to eliminate fuel delivery and problem still exists replace fuel pump
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