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Hi There,
I am looking at buying a boat with a 2004 115 Johnston 4 stroke EFI .
We went for a test run and after 3-5 minutes running at 3500-5500 rpm the motor would kick into slow mode at 2900 rpm we needed to turn the motor off to rev the engine back up, this happened 8-10 times. We took the boat out drained off 2 quarts of dirty oil to the full oil indicator on the dipstick, tightened the fuel filter with a new clamp as the filter was 1/2 empty, added fuel conditioner, methel hydrate and 20 gallons of fresh fuel to the 4 gallons of 6 month old fuel that was in the boat.
Went back out in the water ran the motor for 15 minutes before a slow kick in then ran 1/2 hour up river and another 45 minutes with no problem.
The oil and water indicator lights have never worked on this boat but the beeper does test at start up and at s.l.o.w. kickin.
The engine starts and idles lovely now, do you think there may be any permanent damage?
What would be needed to get the indicator lights working?
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