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Having just completed 5hrs on recently  installed 2 x  115hp e-tecs on a 22ft fishing craft I called in a technician to adjust the idling speed as the motors tend to stall when going into reverse.

He then downloaded the most current MAP.

After a water test I found the motors down on power and when under heavy load on 1 motor they misfired.

Called the guy back in a hurry. he then reloaded the original software and all was fine.

Is this a common problem with upgrades and is the stalling when going into rev gear quickly from fwd common.


Had 2 x 115hp oceanpros on the craft before and I must say the felt like they had more grunt eventhough the VRO system gave endless trouble.

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Hello Idle speed can be raised with computer without changing map. I would also check props and full throttle rpm on power issue.

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