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Just installed 2 115hp e-tecs (25inch) on a 22ft fishing craft which is surf launched.

single eng performance is important

14 3/4 x 17  VIPER

2 eng     WOT  5400rpm   33kts          

1 eng     Wot   2800        7.4 kts 


141/2 X 17 CYCLONE

2 eng     WOT  5550rpm    31.5kts

1 eng     WOT  3500rpm     7.8kts


The cyclones are OK but I would prefer more out the hole performance

Would finer pitch REBELS or SSTs  be any better?

Are 15 or 16 pitch Renegade Offshores available?

Is the cyclone the same prop as the Renegade Offshore?



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I would try 15 pitch rebels. the 4 blade cyclone would work better if lower pitch available. the top rpm will increase but large diameter will help plain with single engine and top end  and cruising should increse by 2mph. I have in stock if you want to try.

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Hi Ralph

I managed to try out some 17P Rebels and found the performance very disappointing

WOT 5000RPM  30.2 KTS
WOT 2500RPM    6   KTS

Will the 15P Rebels give me 5750RPM ?  I dont think so !

What about 16P or even 15P SST's ?

I'm still mostly concerned about 1 eng performance as the craft is used in the surf
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