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Hi all!

I have taken my boat out on its maiden voyage, unfortunately I went into water that was to shallow and sheered all the blades off the prop (thank GOD for the 6.6 hp johnson kicker motor)

I need help in identifying which prop would be the best selection for the motor/boat setup I have.

We like to cruise on the bay (speed is not our A#1 priority, but it is nice).  Smooth cruising takes precedence over speed.

I am listing the information that I have taken from various parts of the OMC sterndrive inboard / outboard 120 HP and prop itself.

PROP ( 3 blade) numbers
11 x18
1x76x8 (? x's are kind of printed over the numbers somewhat)

Number above where prop attaches

Serial number and model number on a plate higher up on the drie

Any information would be helpful in identifying what propeller would give us the best boating experience and what material would be best, pitch (?),

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