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Hello, I have replaced the water pump, thermostat, and the starboard(right-side) heads are still overheating and causing the overheat light to come on. I have done a temp test on the heads the port side is about 170 degrees while the starboard side heads are about 225 degrees. I have pulled the water jacket from the head and the head looking for clogged water passages but found none. The only thing I see that might be causing this is the gasket between the water jacket and head has tears around the spark plug holes, but would that really cause the head to over heat? While repairing the water pump I noticed that the water supply copper tube that comes from the water pump to the head is two parts, I have looked into ordering a new tube but the new one looks like it comes in two parts also, thanks for your help.  Steve C.
Johnson 1964 V4SL-16
steve e. coshatt
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