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  • Gas Mileage

    I own a 1986 Johnson j40ELCDE with the VRO disabled. Can someone tell me what my fuel burn would be with this engine, pushing a 1989 Sylvan Pro...

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    Started by gillyhoss

  • Johnson 40 VRO prop

    What is the correct prop size for a Johnson j40ELCDE outboard motor.

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    Started by gillyhoss

  • Need advice about a Prop for 1999 Johnson 130

    I bought a used pontoon boat (2000 JC Tritoon) with a Johnson 130hp. The prop on the motor is a 15.5 x 15 but the specs in the manual calls for a...

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    Started by koony

  • 1977 OMC 120 HP motor prop

    Hi all! I have taken my boat out on its maiden voyage, unfortunately I went into water that was to shallow and sheered all the blades off the prop...

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    Started by jwahleithner

  • 225 etec need prop

    i have a bullet 20dxc with 225ho etec ,12 rapid jack plate. i have a tempest 3 blade 29 pitch prop now and im looking for a 4 blade prop. the 3 blade...

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    Started by sparkywest28

  • 25 Pitch renegade vs 24 pitch raker

    I have a 2000 model Statos 22ss Extreme with a 1999 Evinrude Ficht Ram 225. Fully loaded it will run 64 mph gps, with a light load 66 mph gps running...

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    Started by drill1503

  • Viper vs. Raker prop

    We are currently running a 14-3/4 x 16 Viper on our 18 Hewes with a new 135 Etec. rpm is 5500 WOT. We want to try a Raker prop. Do you think a 15-3/4...

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    Started by michaele1


    Can anyone tell me what the difference in RPM's would be going from a 19" Viper to a 19 " Rebel at W.O.T.

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    Started by vinsdusky

  • Shopping for new Prop

    Hello, I was hoping for some advice on purchasing a new Prop; here are the details of my boat. It's a 1985 VIP 19' fish and ski, model unknown, with...

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    Started by calgixr

  • Hydrus prop

    I just bought a Hydrus prop p/n 177203 (13 7/8 X 13) for my 90 hp e-tec mounted on a 22 foot pontoon boat. I bought the prop used for 85 bucks and it...

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    Started by flyboyray1

  • Pin Drive (?)

    We've just rebuilt a 1960 Johnson Super SeaHorse. Everything going well, engine runs great, but I've already spun two props; had one prop shop tell...

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    Started by dlfynnatc

  • SS Prop 2006 75hp V-Tech

    Looking at a used OMC SS Prop P/N 389948 -13.38 x 17 with 13 spline taken off an 88 70hp Johnson (non E-Tech). Will it fit my 2006 75hp E-Tech?

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    Started by Cherokee

  • Best prop for a 21ft with ETech 175

    I have a 21ft bow-rider which used to be powered by a 2002 175 Ficht turning a 17p SST II. I just installed a 2011 175 ETech and I'm not sure which...

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    Started by AlexGSilva

  • vibration at idle speed

    I have a 2009 90 e tec I just replaced a 15 pitch prop with a new evinrude 13 pitch prop . When I engage the transmission forward or back the engine...

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    Started by Ron

  • '98 Johnson Faststrike, 1660 Pro V Prop

    I have recently purchased a 1660 ProV with a 115 Faststrike. The prop that came with the set up is a 13.5x20 Raker. If I am the only one in the...

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    Started by ChezKrauty

  • 2006 df 140 prop

    im running a 06 crestliner cmv 1850 w 06 suzuki df140.getting 6000 rpm 40 mph gps and alot of slip.want to upgrade to a ss prop.current prop is a...

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    Started by rjmachz

  • Correct Prop for 621 Ranger

    I've got a 2008 621 RangerVS with a 2010 250HO. There was a Cyclone 19-4 blade prop on it when installed at the dealer, which was changed to a...

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    Started by MickB



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    Started by boonemill

  • 2000 70hp prop

    I have ordered a new prop from my local dealer but they keep getting me the wrong one (0765183). Does anyone know what is the right one?

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    Started by dick1952

  • Propeller removal 1.2 hp evenrude Junior

    I have a 1989 Evinrude Junior 1.2 Hp outboard that has line wrapped around the drive shaft beneath the prop. I have removed the cotter Key but the...

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    Started by Jerdog

  • what size to use

    I have a 21 foot dixie walk around cabin with a200 johnson ocean runner counter rotation motor and i am not sure what size prop to use like to use a...

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    Started by martin78

  • 90 hp ficht prop

    I have a 2004 suncruiser trinidad 20 foot pontoon boat with a 2001 evinrude ficht.the prop on it now is a 15.5x13 alum witch gives me 4700 rpm wot. I...

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    Started by bbking

  • Propellor installation

    I don't want to sounds like too much of a dummy, but, I can't seem to find an answer to what seems to be a simple question. I have a Johnson 30Hp...

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    Started by krownkpb

  • Why Cant I get my Prop off ?

    I have an old Evinrude 1983 2hp motor that has been sitting in a friends garage. I need to change the Drive{shear) pin, and cant get the prop to...

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    Started by GadgetMan

  • Advice on prop for 1999 Johnson 150?

    I have a 20' powercat with twin johnson 150's. It weighs around 2k lbs. I bought the boat with one aluminum and one SST prop, and two different...

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    Started by thill

  • 50 HP E-TEC

    Hi, I have got 2005 - 50 HP Evinrude E-tec, which stainless prop fit it? Also is it healthy or good for engine if it is yes, what benefits ?...

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    Started by Sarper

  • 90 ETEC

    Does the 25" 2008 90 ETEC accept larger diameter propellers than the 20"? BRP's Tests and site are confusing me badly on this. My local...

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    Started by chrism

  • 24' Eastern CC w/115 E-Tec

    The boat: 24' Eastern center console, 7'8" beam, approx. 2900-3200 lb. fully loaded and fueled. The engine: new 2007 115 h.p. Evinrude E-Tec,...

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    Started by jmorgans

  • propeller fit

    Will a yamaha prop fit on an evinrude etec 50 hp?

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    Started by tmc737pm739at

  • 200 Etec prop help

    I have a 2007 200 Etec on a 21' Reno skiff ( ) with 30 hrs on it. I am running a CMC manual jack plate with 6" of setback. I...

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    Started by BayouThunder

  • Viper VS. Rebel

    We have a 23" FAC Dusky w/a 2002 225hp ficht and are running a 17 pitch viper. Tachs out about 5500-5600 with half a tank of fuel. Thinking...

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    Started by Dusky1

  • 150 Etech

    I got an 06 Kenner 2103 with an etech 150. Runs great but appears I am lacking the right prop to get the best performance. Full throttle I am running...

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    Started by wiley1

  • Viper to Rebel prop

    1991 Evinrude outboard model E150GLEIS 1991 Misty Harbor 2200 Pontoon boat I'm planning to switch from a Viper #174814 (14.5X19) prop to a Rebel....

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    Started by KB9VGD

  • ETEC Prop Interchangability

    I have 2007 ETEC 50hp fitted with a Viper 15" pitch prop. It is on a light alloy boat and is under-propped. I have a 13¼ x 17 and a 13 x 19...

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    Started by BruceG

  • 115 Etec prop

    just put a 07 115 e tec on my 17 ft Mako about 1300 lbs ,what would be a good starting point prop ,im looking for 2 a SST for running around and a...

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    Started by 2tonez71

  • right prop

    you said that the right prop on my johnson88 for a hole shot was a rogue 4 blade i tryed to find it on your websites can you please help me thank...

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    Started by southpoint

  • right prop

    i have a johnson 88 with a 12/3/4x21prop what prop would get me on plane better also have a hydra foil on it thanks for any advise

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    Started by southpoint

  • prop blades

    i have a 16ft bass boat with a johnson 88 on it i feel it doesnt get on plane quick enough if i ride on back of fishing seat and someone else drives...

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    Started by southpoint

  • prop for a johnson 88

    i have a johnson 88 i feel it should come on plane faster on a glastron 16 bass boat i also have a hydrafoil on it if i gone down 1 or 2 degrees in...

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    Started by southpoint

  • Prop too small?

    Hi everyone, I could use some assistance with trying to figure out if a prop change will improve the performance of my boat and engine. It's used...

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    Started by ASCTLC

  • prop size

    I have a 2003 evinrude 175 on a 2003 champion 187. I'm taching out at 4900 with a 24 raker. If I jack the motor on the jack plate I gain RPM's and...

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    Started by tharris

  • Cyclone to Rebel

    Hi, I have a Blue Wave 190 Deluxe Bay boat with a E-tec 150 H.O. and a Bob's 6" hyd. Jack plate. I bought a Cyclone 14 1/8 x 19 to try. It gives...

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    Started by Iam74Gibson

  • 115 e-tec with v-6 gearcase

    I went out to purchase a new prop for my 2007 115hp E-tec and was told that I could not have the size prop that I was stating was my...

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    Started by broadwaybob

  • Johnson 225 2 cycle prop

    OK I bought this used boat. A 24 foot seaswirl with a 225 Johnson 2 stroke. After a day in Valdez we pull the boat out of the water and see the prop...

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    Started by budbennett

  • Viper Prop Question

    I have two viper props. One of them is a 19p with vent holes and the other is 21 P without vent holes. Can anyone tell me why this is. Thanks in...

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    Started by LogDog

  • 115 e-tec 25inch props

    Just installed 2 115hp e-tecs (25inch) on a 22ft fishing craft which is surf launched. single eng performance is important 14 3/4 x 17 ...

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    Started by Skybird

  • evinrude johnson prop

    I need to know what pro pn 177146 fits Thank You

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    Started by awildbird

  • No prop yet but need to find one

    Hi. I have a 14 foot AB Inflatables RIB. I just took a Mariner 25 hp off because I ordered an Evinrude E-Tec 50. It will be coming without a prop, so...

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    Started by divebobber

  • props

    i have a 2000 evinrude 225 di on triton 21 what would be the best prop to go with.. i have a 4 blade 25 pitch renagade..

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    Started by btriton

  • Prop fit Question??

    I have a 2000 90hp Johnson (V4). Question regarding the prop and hub. I just put a new SS prop on this motor and noticed about 1/4"...

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    Started by Brandon