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  • stalling issue

    I have a pair of 98 150 Fichts. Both are still running strong. Issue is with the port engine. She starts right up. No issue there. Warmed her up, ran...

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    Started by 11jcj

  • 99 150hp Ficht fuel problem

    Launched the boat this season, boat started fine, took it out try to get it up on plane and it bogged down and stalled. couldn't get it started, got...

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    Started by 86angler

  • 1998 evinrude 150 ocean pro

    Do I need to change carb jets when going from sea level to 5000'?

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    Started by bergiee3

  • 1999 200 ficht and ethanol

    I own a 1999 evinrude 200 ficht is there anything I can do to upgrade my engine to be able to run ethanol?

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    Started by krod1960

  • Possible Fuel System Problem?

    1991 Evinrude 150 Intruder E150GLEIS With VRO2 I'm having some concerns about the fuel system on this engine. When I go to start...

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    Started by KB9VGD

  • 2+4 Fuel Conditioner

    Hi Guys - I have a fibreglass fuel tank in the boat and I hear that ethanol fuels react with the resin in these tanks causing heaps of problems. ...

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    Started by BoneyLeg

  • question

    i have a johnson vro 60 1983 and when i full throtle it its boggy and sluggish but i push the ignition key in and it takes off fast for a second...

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    Started by boarhunter

  • Ehtanol issue in older outboards

    Well I had my first ethanol issue in my 1975 75 HP Evinrude. This is on my vintage Cruisers Inc. Took it out a couple of weeks ago and it ran like...

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    Started by marinermikes

  • Jonhson 40hp vro fuel problem? please help

    Hi friends I have posted in the past again and you had helped me for all the problems I had. Now I have this problem I have a Jonhson 40hp 1996...

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    Started by leotzian

  • fuel problems??

    I have a 1996 150 Johnson Ocean Runner. It had been running fine on last years gas, until I recently filled my gas tank from almost empty and...

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    Started by vllndnghm

  • Ethanol Fuel over 10% will damage outboard engines...

    As ethanol fuel blends have increased everywhere in the US the past 6 months, just wanted to remind everyone that ethanol blends over 10% WILL cause...

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    Started by outboardwizard

  • throttle control issue

    I have twin 150 Etecs on a 25' center console. I'm having throttle control problems. It's very hard to throttle back smoothly without a sudden rpm...

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    Started by wllgren

  • shift problem

    The starboard engine (1996 200 hp evinrude ocean pro) won't shift into reverse. It just grinds away. Engine speed doesn't seem to drop for the...

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    Started by MeLaunch

  • johnson 25 hp

    i have a25 johnson bought 2 yrs ago, took it in to get work on they say it had a crack in it has any one had a problem wit the 25

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    Started by clarence601

  • Ethanol in Fuels

    I read you article on the ethanol in the gas. It says to buy from a station that does not use it. Do you know of any station here on Long Island I...

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    Started by MakoRich

  • 1983 200 loss of power

    I have a 1983 200 looper that idles fine and ounce you try to spool it up it won`t get up to speed rebuilt carbs rebuilt fuel pmps replaced two...

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    Started by mikeb

  • Warning! Ethanol-blend Fuel Damage to Outboard Engines...

    Since spring 2006 most states have switched to gas/fuel blends with Ethanol (alcohol). This replaced MTBE for oxygenation. (environmental/health...

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    Started by outboardwizard

  • fuel issue

    Does a 1992 johnson 150 have a fuel filer under the cowl?? Engine seems to be starving for fuel just after getting on plane. Return to idle for a...

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    Started by JGB7

  • 1999 115 Fuel Clog

    NJ-based 115 Johnson. Just switched to ethonal-based fuel this year. Motor was idle for 2 weeks; started fine but after throttle up under power,...

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    Started by Tombren

  • gas in the oil tank (VRO)

    I have a 1985 150 Johnson that is putting gas back into the oil tank for the VRO system. Is this a sign of a bad VRO pump? If so is it better to...

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    Started by mdavis

  • ethanol in gasoline

    I have a 1985 Johnson 120 hp looper. Is it safe to use the new gasoline that is now on the market contains 10 percent Ethanol?

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    Started by pennsville