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  • 1994 60hp Johnson 3cyl

    I have a problem with my 60hp Johnson loosing power. When taking the boat off the trailer it runs great for as long as needed. Then after stopping,...

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    Started by Ericp73

  • 1990 70hp Evenrude Gear Oil

    Hi, I have been searching to find what gear oil is best for a 1990 70hp Evenrude. I have found the local store has Marine Gear Oil 75W-90, It says...

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    Started by icemannz

  • 1989 Force 15hp Sputters

    What may cause my 1989 Force 15hp to sputter/miss like this? I was thinking the points or condensers? ...

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    Started by Chopper

  • shift lever stuck

    HI ,,I own a 1983 Johnson 4.5 hp. #J5RHCTA and the shift lever is stuck in neutral, it will not budge any idea what could be causing this ??How does...

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    Started by hoagie2161

  • Suzuki DT85 - Cuts off when trimmed down.

    My early 80's DT85 will start up and run when trimmed at least half way up. If I trim it down while running it will cut off after just a few seconds...

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    Started by Joedore

  • controls

    do the controls for a 1992 evinrude 40hp work on a 2001 johnson 50hp outboard?

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    Started by ric469

  • boat pulling left

    I puchased a 1986 omc seadrive 1.6 litre (115hp) factory mounted on a 1986 sportcraft center console in excellent condition.My problem is when i get...

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    Started by fish1925

  • Jetting 1986 johnson 225

    I rebuilt the motor on my boat that i purchased last summer I got it on the lake in October 2011 It ran great in the higher rpms but then when you...

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    Started by trcustoms

  • 1986 DT55 FUEL PUMP

    I posted this on another forum and had no hits so I am trying here. I purchased a fuel pump kit for my DT55 suzuki and when I changed it out there...

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    Started by RER613

  • broken shifter handle

    my shifter handle broke on my 4hp yacht twin.motor....need to know how to take off broken piece so i can replace it with a new one...and where i can...

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    Started by SCOOBY2

  • starter problems J115plsda

    Hi wondering if anyone knows the resistance of the starter motor in a 115hp 2 stroke (model J115PLSDA) it works but doesn't seem to be turning the...

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    Started by peteskaos

  • 82 Suzuki 85HP Runs, then won't start

    First time to this forum and hope someone can help. This engine has always run great, but just started giving me one problem. It will start and run...

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    Started by imjustron

  • Non firing cylinder on 25hp Merc

    2004 25hp merc outboard 2 cycle. lower cylinder does not fire. Pulled and swapped plugs,grounded plug wires to block and had good spark, compression...

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    Started by drevil

  • 1999 honda 9.9 stop button help

    Hey i got a 1999 honda 9.9hp electric start motor out the bargain pages it didnt have a tiller arm on it but i have fitted one as it was used on...

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    Started by cobra

  • 1972 9.8 Merc Runing Lean When Cold

    I have a 1972 Merc 110, 9.8 HP that I bought new. It runs great except if you run it out of fuel, like I always do before I tilt it out of the...

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    Started by taglic

  • is it good or not

    I am looking @ a 70hp 88' Mercury outboard. It starts and runs ok but smokes and smells aweful. The man says it just old gas and been sitting,...

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    Started by a14ftjon

  • tillar hndle shocks me 25 mercury

    my mother in law has a 25 horse electric staRT, somebody fixed something in tillar handle couple months ago. now when you sart it if you...

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    Started by tboynshan

  • fuel coming out of front of carb

    hello,ive an old selva 35 ( i know ) changed the needles ,inspected the float (cant adjust ,its plastic )and fuel comes out of the choke funnel ,on...

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    Started by piperdog

  • warning buzzer 115 mercury

    I have a 115 mercury that every once in a while the warning buzzer will sound a steady tone indicating that it is overheating but the engine does not...

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    Started by fire4619

  • BRP Oil for Yamaha?

    I have 2 motors: a 115 E-Tec which uses only XD-100 A 150HPDI which uses Yamalube 2M Which BRP 2 stroke oil would you recommend...

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    Started by jeffnick

  • 1988 Wiring Diagram for 305 Chevy OMC-OD

    Looking for a 1988 Wiring Diagram for 305 Chevy OMC-OD..any help?

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    Started by EternalObsession